Awww yeeee, weight goals met! Somehow! I thought my pants were a little too loose and my boobs a lil smaller lol :o

I can’t find my other jeans though! Rude!!

Okay last night was pretty fucking lovely :333

Also, I haven’t been on in like two or three days, how did I manage to GAIN followers, jeez!

"Inquisitive Mind & Enthusiastic Friend"

Seems so fucking superficial. There ought to’ve been something better for the card. But this is what we came up with and I hope it will do.

Congrats on doing the one thing that would hurt me the most. And what timing. Really, truly. Fucking impeccable.

I’m too fucking bitter. I need to go back to bed.

Weeks ago, while I was still living at the Festus house, I dreamt that he’d nearly been hit by a semi. Rather, it swerved, and he wanted to be struck. It was just outside of Taco Bell. I don’t recall telling anyone about that dream. I guess I wish I had.

What is it people always say about death? Something like “Why the fuck can’t I stop saying ‘thank you’?”

Fuck you. You had the resources at your disposal and you put this shit on me. Fuck you. FUCK YOU.


The full preview of Rat Queens #8, an issue that dives into Violet’s past. 

Guest cover by Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust, Neverboy)